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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

REFLECTIONS . . . 2013

Another year gone, and as in the past, we had GOOD moments and not so good moments.  Life goes on and I am truly thankful for all that we are blessed with.  Difficult though it may be at times, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

We combined work with play.  Hazmat training in Jacksonville gave us an opportunity to spend some time with the family in St. Augustine, FL.

Low Country Boil and Debbaritas

The "boys" are bonding

Work, work, work!  All work and no play, makes for tired and grumpy truck drivers.  March brought us a Winter Retreat in Gatlinburg with our bestest boating friends.  Snow, cozy lodge, great food, spirited drink and amazing friends = a lifetime of fabulous memories.

 Our "Lodge"
12 Bedrooms, 12 Bathrooms, 2 Kitchens

Girls just gotta be SILLY!

What a view . . . 

Who knew we had so many talented cooks amongst us???

Just Chillin'

Good Friends are the Bestest!

April brought us much joy as Jay and Shannon exchanged the World's quickest wedding vows (I believe the ceremony was less than 3 minutes).  The party that followed however, was anything but quick!

Some of the Girls

The Groom's Dad and Mom

The Bride and her Father

THREE . . . TWO . . . ONE . . . Mr & Mrs. Jay Newgent

Happy Daddy

And just what are these two up to??

The Bridal Party

Mom & Son dance

GUESTS . . . 

The "CAKE"

The year then brought on boating season . . . Spring Cruise in May . . . Homecoming in June . . . Fall Cruise in October.  Unfortunately, because of truck repairs, this was all the boating we got in for 2013.  Really hoping 2014 will bring much more H20 therapy.



Beautiful Spring night for a camp fire

Ready to go BOATING!

At the Dragon's Tail

My Boys!

Fun with Friends . . . 

What is your boating view?  Can you beat this one?

Krueger & Madison jumping off the Silos on Tellico - brave souls!

Water skiing in October on beautiful Norris Lake!  What a beautiful weekend, temps in the low 80's , blue skies and amazing friends.  Luv you all!!!

And we closed out the year with Christmas in Florida with Family and Friends.  A great ending to a great year!

 Enjoying the beautiful Florida weather . . .


MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Newgent's, Cross' and Patrick's

 Ornament exchange on Christmas morning

What am I going to do with Darth Vader?  Really????
Thank you Jay for "stealing" Darth away :-)

Christmas with my Seester . . .
Unfortunately we didn't get any photos of us all :-( 

Mommy is getting into the Goodies for the babies . . .  

Jayden wants to see it all

Sporting our Tennessee Volunteer garb from Aunt Debbie . . .

Christmas with our BFF's in Tallahassee, FL

More boating friends.
Thank you Krueger, Tracy, Madison and Jace
for a wonderful evening out.

New Year's Eve dinner with Mitch and Nora at Calhoun's in Maryville.   We rang in 2014 at home snuggled with the pups in front of a nice warm fire watching a Criminal Minds marathon.

WELCOME 2014!!  What do you have in store for us?